IFORTI Block Characteristics

How We Work

For your construction, Iforti can:

  • Provide the bricks – Iforti Bricks is the Brick master. We will ensure that your bricks are at your building site. Either we produce them on site or we ferry them in from our factory.
  • Raise your walls with Iforti Bricks – Iforti are experts. With a team of experienced block layers, Iforti will rapidly raise your walls, any time of the year. We ensure the doors, windows and other openings are in place; we put in your arches, lintels, and a concrete chaining beam. We finish our building works with a dressing of the openings, pointing of brickwork and applying a protective coating to the blocks. A thin shining layer of varnish completes your wall and keeps it glowing for years, and years.
  • Turnkey solution. Together with our partners, we will take your project from paper, accompany you and deliver you the keys to your desired property.