About Us

IFORTI Bricks… A Higher Standard for your Home.

Iforti’s block production is based principally, but not entirely, on South Africa’s credible Hydraform interlocking technology; that has been tried, tested and proven by individuals, institutions and international organisations for more than 20 years, and continues to make inroads into several developing countries.

At IFORTI Bricks Ltd, we make and sell quality blocks of various sizes and shapes for your buildings with due consideration for cost, quality, security and the environment.

Iforti, with input from local builders and other international applications, delivers a unique recipe that takes account of tropical challenges and is adapted to Cameroon’s particularities.

Cost & Convenience

Cost is real; you can only spend what you have. Iforti bricks provide a better value for money:
*   Realise more than 15% cost benefits on your constructions.
*   Reduced material.
*   Reduced activity.
*   Reduced time.
*   Reduced skills.

Additional savings are realised through:
*   reduced long-term maintenance cost.
*   Convenience, hassle-free reliable provision of professionally mastered blocks.

Quality, Security & Comfort

Iforti says you can have beautiful and durable house without ruining your finances. Financial gains in cost and convenience will ensure that you have your dream house, with great interiors, surroundings and accessories.

  • Security: Bullet Proof Bricks with Unequaled Structural Strength.
  • Longevity: Weather Proof Bricks.
  • Temperature Regulating Bricks means that your house is warm when it is cold outside and cool when it is hot outside
  • Comfort: Noise Proof bricks, silence is valuable each brick ensures it.

Environmental Advantages

Iforti also appeals to those with an environmental awareness.
*   Iforti uses sustainable local materials
*   Low carbon footprint (reduced cement, no burning, no heating).
*   No toxic waste, no environmental pollution or destruction.
*   Reusable and recyclable.