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Take advantage of the discounts you get while still a student to join design organisations such as AIGA. The benefits of interacting with like-minded people and networking are extremely valuable.

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These could be ebooks, postcards, great pack of free icons, CMS themes, anything you can think off to get you started. An online platform to express yourself – and maintain a constant dialogue with other people interested in you work – is a must. And we’re not just talking about a Twitter account or Facebook page. Prospective employers will expect you to have either your own website or, at a minimum, to use an online portfolio service like Behance. Making contact with people who you admire can lead to many opportunities.

So, these are the basic features you get with the free version. 1GB Storage – You’ll have 1GB of storage for uploading your photos and assets. Let’s take a look at what those features are and what both plans have to offer.

Canva offers a free online video course calledIntroduction to Graphic Design. Duke University, an Ivy League school in North Carolina, has put together a resource that covers all the basic design principles. Its an excellent starting point with a lot of chapters that work like mini-classes.

That said, not everyone can afford to take three years out of the workplace to study. Also it has to be said that some design degrees still leave graduates lacking in many of the basic skills and aptitudes needed in today’s design workplace. Follow this expert advice and boost your design career to new heights. You will go through different levels and each level will bring you new projects, opportunities for revenue, challenges, and, most importantly, learning experiences.

But you’ve probably wondered whether paying for Canva Pro is worth it, or if it’s better to stick with the free plan and save money. This course will help you to explore how you can translate your visual ideas into high-quality illustrations. The course also delves through a series of projects into how you can develop your illustration abilities to produce and distribute illustrations. If you are a design enthusiast, then this course is the perfect springboard to initiate you into learning more about the world of design.

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For more advice on how to bulk out your book, take a look at this guide to how to build up a design portfolio from scratch. You’ll find advice on how to freelance straight out of education in section one of this article. Taking on real-world projects will help solidify everything you’ve learned, and start translating your theoretical skills into more meaningful, practical ones. Again, this will give you more to talk about at interviews, and of course, will help feed you while you wait for the chance to earn a proper salary. To learn Photoshop, for example, might want to take an structured online course; follow some of the many free Photoshop tutorials available online; or just search YouTube to fill the gaps in your knowledge.

  • Canva also produces fresh templates frequently, which means you are never out of options, and you can simply go on and on with your social media graphics design experiments.
  • It’s so easy to create impressive looking graphics in minutes, when previously I would spend hours trying to create templates or building designs in Photoshop or InDesign.
  • There is a lot of scope in terms of designing social media graphic design on Canva.
  • This is faster, easier, and looks just as good with far less effort.
  • If you love to play with colours, this tool will keep you busy for hours!

You may even be just what they are looking for at that time. Of course, that won’t always happen, so don’t get discouraged if the phone doesn’t ring immediately. It’s always good to send a follow-up material showing your newest work; this keeps recipients interested and reminded of your availability. A placement with a good design studio or at an in-house department can offer invaluable experience that you will draw on throughout download speccy your design career. You’ll become seasoned in how design organisations are run; have a better understanding about client requests and how workload works.